WHO expert who led Ebola response explains greatest fear of coronavirus


April 8, 2020, 07:52 | Updated: April 8, 2020, 12:19

The expert who led the UN response to Ebola told LBC the company will not return to normal until people start taking the coronavirus seriously.

Dr. David Nabarro is Covid-19’s special envoy to the World Health Organization and has informed Nick Ferrari of his greatest fear for the coronavirus.

He said, “I’m afraid people don’t take this seriously. It’s not the flu, it’s such a horrible virus and the damage it causes is enormous.

“If we can take it seriously and see it as a common enemy against which we must fortify ourselves, much like what had to be done with cholera in the first days, then we can go on living and managing with virus among we.

Dr. David Nabarro Told People They Should Take Coronavirus Seriously

Dr. David Nabarro told people that they should take coronavirus seriously.


“If we don’t take it seriously and just treat it lightly, we will be overwhelmed, not just in the UK, but everywhere.

“People have to recognize that this virus is so dangerous. And that means if the government says please keep a distance, don’t just assume it’s something you can take lightly and go on as usual and when you are out of sight the police , keep socializing.

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“Take this seriously, so that we can learn to control the situation.

“Otherwise, it will wreak havoc on our societies and it will be very difficult to get the economy and society to function again as we want it to. “

He also commented on Donald Trump’s threat to withdraw funding from the World Health Organization.

Watch his full interview at the top of the page.


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