Which Lady Gaga album cover is your favorite? Vote!


Lady Gaga returns like a razor on the work of her sixth album Chromatica – and that makes Little Monsters revisit its most dynamic characters on the covers of previous albums.

Back Fame Gaga hid behind sunglasses inlaid with diamonds and a hooded cape in blue velvet. For its special reissue The Monster of Glory, the artist kept half of her face covered – this time the bottom half – with the black latex garment she wears in the gothic-inspired photo of Hedi Slimane. She maintained the black and white filter from 2009 Born like that, with his incredibly thick black eyeliner and his cherry red lipstick sticking out as his head is tied to a motorcycle. Gaga, the star without excuse, had finished hiding.

Gaga’s artistic influences consume its iconic ARTPOP album cover (which couldn’t be a more perfect name for the project, based solely on visuals) that highlights a nude Gaga model in the plan designed by Jeff Koons inspired by Florentine Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli. But instead of the Birth of Venus, Gaga gave birth to the world.

But the avant-garde artist abandoned his usual antics for a more mature photo alongside Tony Bennett for their collaborative album Cheek to cheek, where black curls frame her face in the clipping. And her face moves once in an elegant profile with her long blond strands cascading on each side for her homecoming album Joanne that took away everything that just distracted her from her. (The A star is born the soundtrack illustrations don’t make a difference in our survey because they just reallocate the star’s movie poster with the actor / director of the film Bradley Cooper.)

So, which Lady Gaga album are you still going to gaga for? Vote below!


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