When is the final promotion for season 7 of Calls the Heart: Who was shot?


When the heart calls youAs we prepare for When the heart calls you season 7 finale aired on Hallmark Channel next weekend, prepare for a shock! After all, it looks like someone was shot, and we’re going to wonder who it is for next week.

Apparently being totally unsure of Lee’s fate in the past seven days was not stressful enough for us, so now let’s put that on top. There is no guarantee that the shooting will turn out to be deadly, but hopefully we some sort of an answer here throughout the hour. Doesn’t that sound like the kind of thing that producers would make you wonder and guess for the whole hiatus? (There is no season 8 confirmed yet, but we hope.)

The only thing that we are really hoping that nothing else happens to Lee. Guy has had enough recently!

Meanwhile, the promo seems to suggest that there could be some sort of big choice coming up for Elizabeth romantically – which we certainly want after spending most of the season having the love triangle as the central plot. Then there is also the idea of ​​his career as an author which begins to skyrocket. Depending on where it goes, a lot of things in her life could change dramatically. It is a scary thing – success can be wonderful, but there is no guarantee that it will lead to happiness when the dust settles.

As we prepare for the final, the last thing we have to say here is this: didn’t this season go incredibly fast? Only a few weeks ago, we were at the beginning… When the heart calls you may be one of the few things that passes quickly in what is a very strange and difficult time for many in the real world.

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What do you want to see regarding When the heart calls you and the season 7 finale?

Who do you think was shot? Be sure to share now in the comments below! Remember to stay in case you want more news. (Photo: Hallmark Channel.)


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