What will Stefon Diggs’ figures in Buffalo look like?


Former Vikings catcher Stefon Diggs has a new home in 2020 after being traded to the Buffalo Bills.

Most would agree that the move from Kirk Cousins ​​to Josh Allen is probably a downgrade.

Diggs just finished a season in which he captured 63 passes for a career record of 1,130 yards and six touchdowns.

Nate Burleson, who is also a former Vikings receiver, predicts Diggs’ numbers will take some success, but his touchdowns will increase.

Here’s what Burleson predicted for the Diggs 2020 season:

Diggs’ production will drop slightly, but his hit totals will increase. His course will go down simply because Josh Allen is a dynamic runner, so the young QB is not likely to back out and overtake him as much as Kirk Cousins ​​did in Minnesota. I will say that I think Diggs will statistically impact every game in Buffalo, something he didn’t always do for the Vikings.

2020 production: 60 laps, 1000 yards, 10 TDs

It was clear that Diggs was unhappy with Minnesota’s run-first approach and you got the impression that he was not a fan of Cousins’ latest contract extension. While Allen is a solid quarterback, his precision is a concern. We will see how Diggs responds to this. It will also be interesting to see where Diggs is going in fantasy football projects. There is certainly a risk there.


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