What the 49ers and Falcons might look like


An Ian Rapoport report on the NFL Network on Wednesday morning indicated the Atlanta Falcons aim to trade of choice # 16 to acquire Florida cornerback CJ Henderson.

Assuming the information leaked is not a smoke screen for the Falcons, if Henderson ranks 13th, the 49ers could become a trading partner for Atlanta. San Francisco may also be looking for Henderson, in which case an exchange is out of the question. However, if the 49ers are not satisfied with the players available at 13, they would be happy to heed a call from the Falcons about going back.

The Buccaneers and Broncos both choose between the Falcons and the 49ers, and the Broncos could easily pick up a cornerback after losing Chris Harris Jr. to free agency. Getting ahead of them will be a priority for Atlanta, and if the Jets and Raiders both take receivers at numbers 11 and 12, the 49ers will suddenly become a prime candidate.

If all of this is happening, here are a few guesses as to what a transaction might look like using the DraftTek market value table:

Trade n ° 1

(Photo by Lachlan Cunningham / Getty Images)

The 49ers receive the numbers 16, 78 and 119
Hawks receive hits 13 and 156

It’s a little overpayment for the Falcons from a selection value point of view, but it’s worth it if they believe Henderson is a stopping place. San Francisco is down just three places while picking up choices in the third and fourth rounds.

To back up three places, the 49ers give up only their first of two fifth round selections. At n ° 16, they are always able to leave with a quality player who meets a need. By adding third and fourth round choices with this move, they would also give themselves additional flexibility with choice # 31 where they can afford to use it if they like a prospect, but they can also go back to give yourself more than half-round ammunition.


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