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Since the UK coronavirus epidemic was first identified, the issue of personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers has never been far from the headlines. Here are some of the main issues raised.

What is the official PPE advice for healthcare workers who may be exposed to Covid-19?

The latest guidelines state that any clinician working in a hospital, primary care or community care facility within two meters of a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 coronavirus patient should wear an apron, gloves, a surgical mask and “risk-based” eye protection.

For the most risky procedures on possible and confirmed cases, a disposable water-repellent long-sleeved gown (covering the arms and body) or a disposable water-repellent suit, the most precise filtering face mask (FFP3), a face shield or a visor and gloves are recommended.

Confirmed cases in the UK

Public Health England data on


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