What I Hear About the Vikings on the Eve of the 2020 NFL Draft – The Athletic


As far as the rumor mill is concerned, little matches the scout combine on the NFL calendar. Drinks are flowing, and executives, coaches and reporters are all within a few blocks of each other for days, but apart from that, the days leading up to the project give rise to more discussion and speculation than at any other time. Add to that the fact that nobody leaves their home and it seems that calls and texts are a little more likely to be answered.

So, given all of that, we thought we’d be emptying the digital notebook here with the rumors and speculation that we keep hearing from the league with a few dusted predictions.

It would take a long time for the Vikings to trade in the first round

They have two choices in the first round and five in the first three rounds, so they have the ammo to go up in the repechage if they wish. But it looks like it would take improbable circumstances for this to happen.

Vikings know…


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