What happened in Liverpool’s locker room at half time against Barcelona


Divock Origi has lifted the veil on what happened at halftime during Liverpool’s Champions League triumph over Barcelona.

The Reds entered last season’s return semifinal at Anfield and had to make up a 3-0 deficit in a clash at Camp Nou a week earlier.

Origi scored an early goal to give Jurgen Klopp’s team hope of an unlikely comeback, although Barcelona created several opportunities to score a potentially crucial away goal in the first half.

And the Belgian has now explained the emotions in the locker room during the interval and the message that was given to the players by Klopp.

“At halftime he just made some tactical adjustments and pushed us in the right direction,” said Origi.

“We were good at the game and often when that happens the coach doesn’t really adjust much. He just gave us fuel, whatever energy there was with what he said, so when we went out, we said, “Look, this is possible and we have to keep going.”

“I think in the locker room too, this is the first thing you could feel. It was a place where I felt like everything we were doing was very energetic but always under control.

“We were in a good mental position, I think we didn’t think too much in advance or in the past, we were just in the present moment and at that moment, you could feel it, you could feel it. “

Gini Wijnaldum came off the bench to score twice at the start of the second half to equalize before Origi struck the goal which sent Liverpool to the final with 11 minutes remaining.

The strike waned in Anfield’s folklore with Trent Alexander-Arnold offering a corner kick quickly taken from the underdog to make it home for the first time in the upper corner in front of the Kop.

And, speaking to BT Sport about whether he had spotted what Alexander-Arnold was doing, Origi said, “I saw it. I saw a ball on the field and wanted to give it back to the ballboy, so when I did, I was walking backwards but people were taking a long time to get into position, so automatically I looked at who was taking the ball turn because it changed my positioning.

“When I looked, I could see Trent looking up and I think we made a brief eye contact and I could see that he was going to do something instinctively, so when he whipped that ball, I looked up eyes before I could kick it and I saw that Pique and Ter Stegen were more in the middle and the left side was open.

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“It was a pretty hard blow and I was just happy! Maybe one bad day the ball goes to the stands – and I don’t think a lot of people would hold it against me because it was a pretty difficult ball – but it went well, it clicked and it shows in which stream we were really in a team. ”

Liverpool then defeated Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 in the final in Madrid and won a sixth European Cup.


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