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Conservative activist Rowan Powell has questioned the diversity of the opposition bench in social media posts. His tweet listed the names of Sir Keir’s new management team and noted that no member had voted to leave the European Union.

And he asked, “Have they learned anything? “

Supporters of Brexit quickly responded on Twitter.

Tom Gill said, “The good news is that they will remain in opposition for the foreseeable future. “

A used twitter called Phil posted: “Did they learn anything? Yes. How to stay in opposition. “

Karen said, “A big shadow cabinet that – guaranteed the Conservatives a victory in the next election. “

Another Twitter user posted, “Looks like they haven’t learned anything!

“They are absolutely useless pranksters, where you can do nothing but laugh at them! “

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After choosing his frontbench, Sir Keir said, “I am proud to have appointed a shadow cabinet that showcases the breadth, depth and talent of the Labor Party.

“This is a new team that will work tirelessly to act in the national interest to respond to the coronavirus pandemic and rebuild Labor so that it can win the next election. “

The reshuffle saw Ed Miliband, who was replaced by Jeremy Corbyn as party leader following his defeat in the 2015 general election, return to the workers’ front as the new ghost trade secretary.

Ms. Thornberry was appointed as the fictitious secretary for international trade after Ms. Nandy replaced her as the fictitious secretary for foreign affairs.

David Lammy returns from the backcountry after being appointed to government by Tony Blair.

Ian Murray, who has run for deputy leadership, returns as the fictitious secretary to Scotland after resigning from the post of Mr Corbyn while criticizing his leadership.

Dr. Rosena Allin-Khan, who also unsuccessfully died as a hospital doctor, is a shadow minister for mental health.

John Healey was moved to become ghost defense secretary after serving in education for Mr. Corbyn.


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