West Brom’s wonderful act of kindness will melt your heart – even if you’re not a Baggie


West Brom did it right from the start – things you, as an Albion fan, are very proud of.

In these dark times, the club has risen to the challenge of supporting its community, its workforce and its fan base, and in doing so, lives up to the family club reputation it has earned over the years.

The Albion Foundation has called all season ticket holders over the age of 70, about 1,800 of them, many of whom the isolation is unfortunately not new; the Foundation has even involved a number of major clubs over the years to pick up the phone and give the most seasoned supporters their precious time.

The Baggies supported the NHS at a time when it is considerably more under pressure than usual; they have collected packages full of food and essentials for those based at the Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, and they have been received with gratitude as you might expect.

It was not until Thursday that they opened the doors of The Hawthorns to the West Midlands NHS Trust, which will be authorized to use the facilities to house temporary midwifery clinics for postnatal and prenatal care.

And earlier this week, Albion captain Jake Livermore called Baggies season ticket holder Chris Jones, who recently unfortunately lost his father Gary to the coronavirus.

“Yesterday Albion arranged for Jake Livermore to call me and give me 15 minutes of his time to check on my health,” said Chris on Twitter. “I lost my father 3 days ago because of Covid-19, which left me broken. How incredible the elevator this call gave me from our captain. Proud to be a Baggie. ”

The response to Chris’ tweet was overwhelming – dozens of messages of condolence and support poured in.

Albion, and especially Livermore, were applauded for reaching out to Chris at a time when he needed it most.

“My brother-in-law saw the plan in which Albion is trying to call fans over the age of 70, but sent them an email without my knowing how to explain the situation and that I am going through such pain right now and that a call would help, “said Chris to BirminghamLive.

“Then I received a call from Jake condolences and the loss of his son and the pain he had suffered. I asked her about the relationship with my father and gave me so much time.

“We chatted for 10, 15 minutes and I mentioned that I would be hosting a party to celebrate Dad’s life due to funeral restrictions and Jake said if he could, he would try to be there.

“I can’t explain how grateful I am to the club and Jake for his kindness.

I’ve had a season pass for many years and I’m sitting in Smethwick End. I am 28 years old and my father was 57 years old. He was the best man at my wedding just 6 months ago, but he loved the Albion. ”


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