West Brom and Leeds United’s decision could lead to ‘court challenges’


Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler has warned the Football Association that it will face legal action if it cancels the season.

All elite football in the UK has been suspended since mid-March, with growing fears that the season may be canceled indefinitely.

Earlier this week, the Dutch FA announced that all promotions and relegations would be canceled without awarding a title.

Robbie Fowler

This is a precedent that will greatly affect West Brom and Leeds, which both occupy the automatic promotion spots at the top of the championship.

Both are well placed to return to the Premier League with a healthy gap in the chasing pack. And Fowler told the Daily Mirror that the fairest solution is to resume the season, even if it is not done by supporters.

“UEFA decided during the week that all national championship campaigns should be completed by the end of July. I can see the meaning hoping that this is the case.

“But if it is not possible?

“Canceling the season would lead to all kinds of legal challenges – as would any attempt to decide that the rankings should be held from the date of the lockout.

“I don’t envy the men who pay a lot of money to make these decisions.

“But I would prefer that the season be played to the end, that it continues for the rest of the year. “

The former Fowler team was just weeks away from winning its first title in 30 years, 25 points ahead of Jurgen Klopp at the top.

And even if he admits that he desperately hopes to see the Reds crowned champions, he claims that it is the other issues, including the imminent promotion of Albion, that must be taken into consideration.

“Without a doubt, I will be accused of bias towards Liverpool for suggesting this,” he added.

“But my opinions are not only based on the fate of Liverpool.

Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Leicester were tough for the first two spots still available when the match was stopped.

“Seven other players at the bottom of the table were battling relegation, while Leeds, West Brom and a handful of championship play-off bids made an offer to win the promotion prize of £ 100 million.

“I hope everyone accepts that a decision has been made because it is about football.

“The last thing we will need after the health crisis is over is that football will be plunged into a civil war that will take football to court. “


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