“We almost lost it”, man from Barrie, Ontario, fights COVID-19 and tells his miraculous story


What started as a headache for René Segura quickly turned into a battle for his life after he was diagnosed with COVID-19 and put on respiratory assistance.

“He found it difficult to simply walk from bed to toilet without being breathless,” recalls René’s wife Tracy Segura. “I kept asking him,” Do you feel like you have a cold, or what’s going on? »»

The next morning, the couple went to the assessment clinic and were told that René had a cold. He was sent home to isolate himself and was told to watch his symptoms.

Just over a week later, on March 18, René’s breathing problems worsened.

At the request of his wife, the father of three, 41, visited the Royal Victoria Regional Health Center in Barrie.

“They put me on ventilation, and honestly, I thought I was going there to get some support for my breathing, without realizing how far [I was] to go home. It was a scary feeling. “To the couple’s shock, René was diagnosed with COVID-19 and taken to the intensive care unit.

Tracy says they hadn’t traveled recently and the virus epidemic had never crossed their minds.

“Everyone said you should look for flu-like symptoms. Well, he didn’t show flu-like symptoms, ”says Tracy. “He was just showing someone who was really tired and had trouble sleeping. “

She said that when her breathing problems developed, “the situation got worse very quickly.”

“They called me and told me that his body was just too weak to fight,” recalls Tracy. “We almost lost it. “

But René had other plans, describing when he saw another man losing his battle in the hospital.

“I said it wouldn’t be me. I have to go home with my wife, my children. I’m ready to fight this, and with God by my side, I did it. “

Two weeks after being admitted to the hospital, the couple had their miracle when René was removed from his survival service.

“I was relieved, but I thought to myself, I can’t believe we have passed this stage, that we have succeeded,” admits Tracy.

“All I know is that I entered RVH on March 20, and I left RVH yesterday, and I’m much better.” René is now at home and grateful for his wife, whom he calls his soul mate. “She is my rock, my everything. “

The couple, owner of Creative Bean in Barrie, say they immediately received unwavering support from the community.

“I don’t know why things are going the way they do, but we are all together in this area, we are all a community, we are all Canadian, and I really believe that uniting together will give us strength”, said Tracy. “Hold on to hope. “


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