Watching Tiger King made Mike Tyson think about owning exotic animals as pets


While most of us were sitting watching Tiger King: murder, chaos and madness with our jaws hanging on the ground, for a former boxer the experience sparked a little more self-reflection.

Mike Tyson, who is well known for his love of exotic animals, recently watched the documentary and got out of the seven episodes achieve he was “wrong” to have owned such animals in the past – having known several tigers in his Las Vegas mansion at the time.

Speaking in an Instagram Live video with Fat Joe, the subject of the new docu series inevitably came up, prompting Tyson, 53, to reflect on his own experiences with big cats.

“I was stupid,” admitted Tyson.

“There is no way to domesticate these cats 100 per cent. No way it happens. They will kill you by accident, especially when you play with them, you repel them. They get mad, hit you and you’re dead.

“I’m just happy to have learned. I was doing the wrong s ***. I shouldn’t have had them in my house, believing they were domesticated. I was wrong. “

Credit: Shutterstock
Credit: Shutterstock

Tyson recalled how the opportunity to have two cubs arose while he was serving a prison sentence after being tempted by the idea of ​​their “cool” appearance.

“I was talking to a friend of mine from whom I bought cars, and he said that one of my friends owed him money”, he continued.

“He said,” If he doesn’t pay, I’m going to take some of these cars and trade them for animals “, and I said,” What kind of animals? He said, “Horses and the like.” And he said, “They also have beautiful tigers and lions. If you have one, it would be cool in your Ferrari. “

“I said,” That’s right. Why don’t you order me a couple and I’ll go out as a couple month.

“So when I went out, I came House and I had two little ones. ”

For all those who have not seen the Tiger king doc again, it’s available to watch on Netflix now – and is just about everything everyone’s talking about. Certainly most of us have little else in our life than what’s going on inside our television screens, but still.

Tiger King: murder, chaos and madness is available to watch now on Netflix.


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