Watch the Birmingham EE phone mast go up in flames – days after fake 5G claims linked to coronavirus


A 70-foot-high telephone mast caught fire in Birmingham – days after false allegations were made that 5G was related to cornavirus.

Yesterday (Thursday), eight firefighters were called to the well-lit EE structure on Spring Road in Tyseley at 8:18 p.m.

West Midlands police also went to the scene to block the road while the flames were overpowered for more than an hour.

None of the emergency services could confirm that the fire was deliberate at this stage, when they were not linked to false messages on social networks claiming that 5G was the source of Covid-19 .

The false theory has been totally rejected and criticized nationally for a lack of scientific evidence.

The fire damaged mast in Spring Road, Tyseley
The fire damaged mast in Spring Road, Tyseley

A spokesman for the West Midlands Fire Service said, “We had a call to a telecommunications site at Spring Road. We responded with an intervention vehicle from the Ladywood Station brigade and a Hay Mills fire engine.

“There were eight firefighters in total. We asked the West Midlands police to assist with traffic and they closed the road. The structure is a steel tower about 70 feet tall. Crews found it well lit and near a building on the same street, but the building was unaffected. ”

Building next to telephone mast on Spring Road was unaffected by fire
The building next to the telephone mast on Spring Road was not affected by the fire

WMFS also confirmed that Western Power Distribution was present to secure electricity, while the mobile operator EE was also informed.

A West Midlands police spokeswoman confirmed that forces were waiting for a fire engineer to determine how the fire started, saying it could be an “electrical problem”. She said they were awaiting further information before investigating.

West Midlands Fire Department said mast was
West Midlands Fire Department said mast was “well lit” when it arrived

Spring Road is located between Tyseley, Acocks Green and Sparkhill. Earlier in the week, residents of a Facebook group discussed false allegations linking 5G to the coronavirus.

An article said, “Has anyone noticed that these lampposts are installed all around Sparkhill and Small Heath? They have a 5G antenna at the top. They were recently turned on and emit a huge amount of radiation. There is certainly a strong link between coronavirus and 5G. ”

Comments on a local Facebook debating the link between 5G and the coronavirus
Comments made on a local Facebook group debating the link between 5G and the coronavirus

It was followed by over 100 comments. One said, “Yes, 5G and the coronavirus are just a cover-up. “

But most people rejected conspiracy theories, with a statement, “I guess the earth is flat too, huh? “

Mobile Broadband Network Limited (MBNL), the joint venture between EE and Three that installs telephone towers, was invited for comment.


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