[WATCH] Joel McHale Sarcasm’s “Stargirl” Trailer Passes the Torch


In a few weeks, DC Universe will release the Stargirl Television series which will also be broadcast on the CW. As with the Harley quinn animated series, this trailer suggests that DC Universe has recovered from its Swamp Thing stumble while lighting the superhero flame for a new generation. Not that the younger crowd needs incentive to enjoy comic book stories, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. The special effects of this trailer also appear to be improved compared to a previous trailer while promising the banter of a budding teenage heroine, Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger). And Joel McHale is there too, distributing a variation of his famous sarcastic shtick, and it’s never a bad thing (unless you’re a diehard Tiger king devotee who doesn’t realize that McHale has a shtick).

In this trailer, we, the character of Starman from McHale, inform Courtney’s stepfather (Luke Wilson), who was once his superhero sidekick (the Star-Spangled Kid), that his torch must be passed . Although Starman is clearly in jeopardy – and we don’t know if he survives, disappears or survives in flashbacks or as an apparition, perhaps even as a cardboard cutout – he spends the effort to reveal that, no, stepfather cannot take the torch. This has to go to Courtney, who will be Stargirl, and as this trailer reveals, she is ready for the job and grabbing the staff of cosmic energy. From there, she begins to assemble a new justice society, including Hourman (Lou Ferrigno Jr., who grew up with The Incredible Hulk at home, so really East a new generation here) and Wildcat (Yvette Monreal), to bring down the society of injustice.

McHale had previously told us that his first role as superhero would see him flying and firing power with staff, which is a bit like Thor’s hammer because only certain people are worthy of holding the thing. It’s cool, but whoever Starman he plays is not entirely clear, so things have obviously changed for 2020:

Starman was invented, well, I guess it was created in 1941 for real. The same year that Captain America was created, and it’s very interesting – because I didn’t know about comics – that competing companies would release the same character in a way… My character was resurrected at the time , and he has had different incarnations over the years. I have a friend who is a big comic book lover, and he’s a big fan. At one point, he had an overcoat and he still had a strong stick. Anyway, Stargirl is the name of the series, and I’m indirectly related to this girl. She plays in high school, so it’s a whole new world that they present with old characters.

Stargirl will debut on the DC Universe streaming service on Monday May 18, then Tuesday May 19 on The CW.


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