Watch: Charles Leclerc Jibing Alex Albon’s F1 Career in F1 Esports Race


Charles Leclerc made his debut on Twitch yesterday in preparation for Sunday night’s F1 virtual GP. The Ferrari driver was training for the Sunday race with some of his F1 colleagues. The race was filled with many fun moments with ace drivers making stupid mistakes in a virtual GP.

As the race ends, Albon brings his Red Bull home on a podium. Leclerc took a funny jibe to the F1 career of his compatriot Alex Albon. He said, “I think this is your first F1 podium”

Watch the clip here: Charles is wild LOL – Clip by iamcharlesleclerc16 – Twitch Clip

Charles Leclerc ready for tonight’s F1 virtual GP

Many more drivers will participate in the next Virtual Grand Prix this evening. However, the biggest shock was that Charles Leclerc joined Twitch on Saturday night. The Monegasque has entered the world of ongoing virtual racing and has done an excellent job of it.

Recently, Leclerc, Albon, Norris, Latifi and Russell participated in a training race on F1 2019 before the real event tonight. Surprisingly, newcomers Albon, Leclerc and Russell were very good at the game, even with little experience in sim racing. The informal practice meeting aroused gratitude for a smart cat, driving flat and messy driving.

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Russell and Albon fought in the training race

Albon happily moved on to start leading the peloton, but Russell wasn’t finished yet. George drew in “dirty mode” and cut the grass in a move that would make every dirty driver happy.

However, Russell wasn’t exactly done at this point. The Briton was finally able to show off his dirty indoor driver after his absence from the battlefront on the track during the 2019 F1 season. Russell ineffectively attempted a dive bomb on Albon, who tragically bombed. Poor Alex needed to deal with Russell’s rage, but it was really charming for the fans.

In the event that this is an indication of what may loom on the horizon, fans would love today’s virtual GP. The race starts at 1900 UTC and F1 will broadcast the race on its YouTube channel and on each driver’s Twitch account.

Discover Leclerc’s Twitch account here.


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