Warriors mailbag: Chances that Golden State will land Giannis Antetokounmpo?


The NBA shutdown left us far too much free time to think about the assumptions.

Of course, the starting hypothesis for Warriors fans is, “What if we land Giannis Antetokounmpo? That’s why I wasn’t shocked to answer a Giannis question in this week’s mailbag.

Here is my answer to that and to seven other pressing questions:

@JuanBazil: After seeing that the chances of returning from the season are almost impossible, I want to know: what are the chances that Antetokounmpo will land with GSW next season?

Very slow. For this to happen, Antetokounmpo should first tell Milwaukee that he wants to go out and has no plans to re-sign. It seems highly unlikely – especially if the NBA has no playoffs.

When the league suspended play indefinitely, the Bucks were the best in league 53-12. Antetokounmpo had every reason to believe that Milwaukee could finally overcome the bump and at least make the NBA final.

Even if the league were to have shortened playoffs and the Bucks were upset, Antetokounmpo could set up an unusual situation and enter next season in preparation for a title with Milwaukee. I still believe that, if Antetokounmpo becomes available, the Warriors are as likely to shoot him as anyone. But right now, I don’t see him leaving Milwaukee – this summer, at least.


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