Warning issued after the impact of three infrastructure lines in Victoria


The COVID-19 pandemic keeps people at home and forces many to look for projects around the house.

Many of these projects involve gardening and landscaping, and BC 1 Call warns residents to call before digging into the properties of the house in case the owners live above underground infrastructure.

You may be considering building a new fence, a retaining wall, or perhaps planting a tree. Before starting a home project, BC 1 Call suggests: “Click, call or check before you dig!”

The organization provides a free service that contractors and owners can use before digging.

BC 1 Call describes itself as the link between the excavator community and the owners of the underground infrastructure. They say that by contacting BC 1 Call, private landowners and commercial excavators can reduce the risk of personal injury and property damage.

“Taking the time to submit a” location request “to BC 1 Call is essential to your safety and the safety of your neighbors,” said Chris Hyland, President of BC 1 Call.

“Let us remember that many more people are currently at home and depend on their supply of gas, heat, Internet and water. In addition, if a line is damaged and repairs are required, most crews would not be able to maintain the mandatory physical distance protocols while solving the problem. This puts workers at risk of repairing these essential services. “

April is National Dig Safe Month as many people start renovating their home or garden for the year.

BC 1 Call suggests that residents call them before starting a project to avoid causing larger problems, such as cutting a gas or water line.

Hyland says there have already been three reported incidents on Vancouver Island over the long weekend.

“One of them was in Victoria where a person” planted “, if you will, a sign” for sale “for a house and they hit a natural gas pipe, which is unfortunate,” he said. he says.

BC 1 Call can provide free underground utility location search for any property.

For information on where to dig safely on your property, you must submit a “location request” to BC 1 Call. The request must be made three days before excavation or excavation work is done to give utility companies enough time to provide the necessary information to owners and contractors.

Owners are not allowed to dig until all utility companies with potentially buried infrastructure in the area have provided details of their underground networks.

Free underground utility search requests can be made online on the BC 1 Call website here, or via the company’s telephone line at 1-800-474-6886 during regular business hours. Hyland suggests filing a report online, as the information can be relayed more efficiently and with greater accuracy in writing.

Hyland adds that vital resources are wasted if repair teams are to be dispatched on avoidable residential project incidents, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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