Walmart to Limit Number of Customers in Stores to Reduce Risk of Coronavirus Spread


(New gray) – Retail giant Walmart is the latest to announce new store restrictions to promote social distancing and limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Walmart is making changes to limit the spread of the coronavirus. (Source: Jace Barraclough / KNOP)

The company said it would not allow more than five customers per 1,000 square feet at any one time as of Saturday. This represents about 20% of its normal capacity.
Employees will admit customers one by one while counting to enforce this restriction. Once the store has reached its maximum capacity, customers will be allowed to enter “one by one”.
There will only be one-way movement in the stores once customers are inside. It’s about fostering social distancing and keeping people away from each other while shopping.
Walmart has already added sneeze guards and social distance markers to stores. In addition, it no longer operates any of its stores 24 hours a day so that employees can do deep cleaning every night.


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