Walmart buyer sprays cashier in the eye with Lysol: MA cops


Massachusetts police are looking for a woman who they say sprayed Lysol last month on a Walmart cash register.

A woman was checking in at the Leicester store on March 27 when the cashier informed her that there was a limit to the number of boxes of Lysol she could buy, police said in a statement.

The cashier explained to the customer that she had too much, said the police.

It was then that the woman doused the cashier in the eye with the disinfectant, the statement said. The cashier had to be treated by EMS.

The woman finally completed her purchase and left the store in what police believe to be an Uber, the statement said.

Now the officials are looking for the woman.

Leicester Police Service

Police shared the suspect’s photo on social media and asked anyone with information to contact officer Matthew Soojian at (508) 892-7010, ext. 2066, or [email protected]

With so many items constantly out of stock in stores across the country, Facebook users had a lot to say about the incident, commenting on the police department’s publication.

“This employee needs a massive raise. The risk premium at least, and that’s exactly why, “wrote one user.

“It’s not funny !! Please, you’re crazy over there, “wrote another.

“Shame on her,” wrote a third.

Leicester is about 53 miles west of Boston.

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