Walmart and Target Limit Number of Buyers in Stores in the Heart of a Coronavirus Pandemic


Walmart and Target announced this week that they will begin limiting the number of people allowed to enter their stores at the same time to promote social distancing. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that people stay at least six feet from each other, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Target announced on Thursday that it will begin monitoring and “measuring” the number of customers in all of its nearly 1,900 stores starting Saturday.

“To promote social distancing with its team and customers, Target will monitor store traffic and measure or limit the number of customers in stores, if necessary,” reads a press release from the company. “Occupancy limits will vary by location and will be determined by the specific store area to improve the average space per person and reduce the risk of congestion. If the measure is required, a member of the target team will provide a designated waiting area outside with social distance markers. ”

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Target executive vice president and chief operating officer John Mulligan said the measures “are aimed at ensuring that we create a safe environment for customers who continue to turn to Target.” The store also said it would provide workers in their stores and distribution centers with face masks and gloves “to wear at the start of each shift and would strongly encourage them to wear them while on the job.”

On Friday, Walmart announced similar changes, which will also take effect on Saturday. The retailer has issued occupancy limits based on square footage and has stated that customers will be counted upon entering.

“Starting on Saturday, we will limit the number of customers that can be in a store at a time. Stores will now allow more than five customers per 1,000 square feet at any given time, or about 20% of a store’s capacity, “said a company press release.

“To manage this restriction, store associates will mark a queue at a single front door (in most cases, the entrance to the grocery store) and direct the customers who arrive there, where they will be accepted one by one and counted. Associates and signage will remind customers of the importance of social isolation while they wait to enter a store – especially before it opens in the morning.

“Once a store has reached capacity, customers will be admitted inside on a” 1-on-1 “basis. “

Walmart also said it would start “making gloves and masks available” to workers who want them.


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