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Image caption: The first boxes of food for the vulnerable are ready

The first batch of boxes of food containing essential items for some of the most vulnerable people in Wales who have no support is being delivered, the Welsh government said.

Members of this “protection group” have pre-existing health conditions and have received letters from the chief medical officer asking them to follow strict protection measures for the next 12 weeks.

A typical box will contain a range of items such as long-life UHT milk, canned products, pasta, toilet paper, breakfast cereals, some fruits and vegetables, and bread.

“Our new weekly food boxes will provide essential food for these people and it is great to see the boxes arriving at the doors of people across Wales,” said Lesley Griffiths, Minister of Rural Affairs.

She pointed out that the boxes were intended for people notified as part of the “armored group” who needed them as an “absolute last resort”.

The £ 15 million drop-shipment program allows eligible people to contact their local authority using the contact details in their letter from the Chief Medical Officer and request delivery of a box.


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