Von Miller says he is “shocked” to learn that he has tested positive for coronavirus


Von Miller, the second NFL player to reveal he is infected with the coronavirus, said he was shocked when he tested positive.

Superstar Denver Broncos linebacker appeared on “TODAY” on Friday in his Colorado home wearing a gray hoodie and glasses.

“It all started with a simple cough and it got worse,” said Miller, 31.

Miller, who won the Most Useful Player Award in Super Bowl 50, said he had asthma and that his girlfriend told him he did not look right.

He said he had tried a nebulizer, “but it really didn’t work out as it should. “

“And my assistant said, ‘Why don’t you get tested? “Said Miller.

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He learned of his diagnosis two days later, which was first reported on Thursday by NFL network. A day earlier, Brian Allen, a Los Angeles Rams center, became the first active NFL player to reveal that he had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Miller said Friday that when his doctor informed him of his positive result, “I was shocked.”

He said he took the pandemic seriously “from day one”.

He was training in San Francisco when the city, in mid-March, issued a home stay order. Right after that, he went to Denver where he lives and stayed there, said Miller.

In the four weeks he spent in Denver, Miller said he had left his house only four times and that some people had come home, such as a plumber and maids.

When asked about the possibility of playing in an empty stadium at the start of the NFL season in the fall, which the league envisioned, Miller said, “Whatever is sure … Whatever we have to do to bring it back things back to normal, that’s what we need to do. “

“We mustn’t go too fast,” said Miller.

Miller was second overall in the 2011 draft. He was selected to the Pro Bowl eight of his nine years in the league.

The Broncos said on Thursday that Miller was the first person in their organization to test positive for the virus.

Miller “chose to share his diagnosis publicly to emphasize that anyone can have coronavirus,” the statement said.


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