Vince McMahon’s merciless assault targets almost his employees


Do you feel what Vince McMahon cooks? This is called contempt for its employees in the name of money.
Do you feel what Vince McMahon cooks? This is called contempt for its employees in the name of money.
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There are too many things Firefly Fun House Match during Wrestlemania tackled WWE storytelling, especially Vince McMahon’s worldview. The answer to Vince, as is the case with most billionaires, is that the only thing you need to get what you want is to want it bad enough and be ready to demonstrate it more than anyone. There is no obstacle that RUTLE-FREE AGGRESSION cannot overcome. This is the key to everything.

Unfortunately, McMahon best illustrates this trait by directing it to its own employees.

Over the weekend, McMahon overturned his decision, apparently to everyone’s surprise, to pre-record all WWE TV shows. WWE had filmed Raw, NXT and Smackdown in block recordings for several weeks. While it certainly didn’t make anyone feel that WWE was complying with Florida’s too late shutdown, it was just close enough to entice fans and most staff to enter the realm of cognitive dissonance . At the very least, each employee could go home for two to three weeks between check-ins and quarantine themselves. It was hardly a perfect solution.

But it apparently won’t work anymore for McMahon, who orders everyone to return to Orlando for live recordings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for their respective shows. And the reason is clear. And the reason is, as you would expect …

According to Dave Melzer, WWE’s contracts with NBC Universal and Fox allow only a certain number of pre-recorded shows for Raw and Smackdown respectively. These are generally reserved for Christmas or European tours and others. As WWE is already hitting this limit due to the pandemic, McMahon’s fear was that NBC and / or Fox would use it as an excuse to rejuvenate their contracts and / or withhold money from declining advertising revenues.

It’s frustrating on so many levels. The first is that someone who works on the air has already tested positive for COVID-19, although WWE claims that everyone should be clear long enough. But that doesn’t reassure anyone, and now that on-air and production staff have to move to Orlando or go there at least once a week, all of their risks are increasing exponentially.

Second, it is unclear to what extent NBC or Fox would be willing to change their contracts, since their new content will soon dry up as well, given the halt in television production everywhere else. Even if WWE recorded in bulk and aired it in the following weeks, it would still be one of the very few, if any, new shows released during the summer. This certainly has some value for networks. Of course, going this route ensures that McMahon gets all of their money, NBC and Fox get the programming they paid for (as it is in a closed set), while everyone below the highest levels gets a boot in the ass.

You may be wondering how McMahon can even get away with it, especially when The UFC was not authorized to do so. There is however a big difference between California and Florida, which is on the same level of news as tomorrow being Monday. Either way, McMahon was able to receive a Label “essential business” from the Florida government, yet another brilliant moment of a ” Florida Man.

What role the cessation of XFL, McMahon’s non-wrestling baby, played in this area is unclear, but it would not be a huge leap as it put McMahon on the slope. Here again, sneezing rocks McMahon, which gives you an idea of ​​how it treats the coronavirus pandemic.

Of course, WWE started the change as entertainment for a nation in need and / or another customary fuck game. The claims of having appropriate precautions and protections in place for everyone involved ring hollow when no one and nowhere, at least in this country, has almost enough testing capabilities. And we were even nearing a reasonable level of testing capacity, should it be diverted to a wrestling company that doesn’t need to produce weekly live shows? But then WWE’s answers to real questions were never based on reality.

Again, the wrestlers who make up the WWE roster are upset or even outraged about a decision from above, and again, this seems like a great opportunity to act as one for their own benefit. Unionization seems beyond them at the moment, but collective action to protect their own health and safety should not be. Again, therefore, would have a collective health care plan.

It is not surprising that a close friend of our brainless orange president values ​​the bottom line over the safety of those whom he considers to be under him (that is, everyone). It’s surprising how surprising it is.


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