Viewers were confused by having news for you Lock format


With the British government and medical experts urging people to stay two meters apart, Do I have news for you? looked a little different this week.

Rather than being filmed in front of a live audience, regular panelists Paul Merton and Ian Hislop, as well as the other three guests – host Steph McGovern, comedian Miles Jupp and reporter Helen Lewis – were all at home, teleported into a virtual space. studio via video link.

But while fans were thrilled to see the series continue despite the coronavirus pandemic that invaded the world, some just couldn’t get in the lead with its new look.

A spectator wrote: ” This is the most surreal episode of Do I have news for you? I’ve already watched (and I’ve watched it for decades!) Weird without the studio audience but still topical and topical! ”

This week's episode seemed a little different as it followed measures of social distancing. Credit: BBC
This week’s episode seemed a little different as it followed measures of social distancing. Credit: BBC

A second commented: ” Really surprised by the Zoom on format Do I have news for you? – the pandemic is so bizarre that life seems pretty normal, then something like that happens and reminds you that life has faced a total seismic change in the space of a few weeks. ”

Of all the strange things that happened in 2020 this episode of Do I have news for you? was the strangest, “said a third.

Another added, “Do I have news for you?”… .. I can’t watch this. His weird. “

Despite the teething problems, and his strange appearance, most were just happy to see him continue and congratulated the team.

Commenting on the show, previous guest host Victoria Coren-Mitchell said, ” I can’t wait for the return of Do I have news for you? tonight. It’s an experimental technique and I guess it can be bumpy, but * anything * I think it’s so great that they did it and did it. Proud to live in a country where making jokes is essential! ”

Echoing her comments, another added, ” Do I have news for you? without audience in the studio and all the members of the Zoom panel is certainly something new and no less brilliant. What a strange time we live in. ”

I totally agree. Keep the strangeness to come.

Let us all bring positivity, support and pleasure to all those who could find themselves isolated following the spread of the coronavirus. Need entertainment? Join Isolation Nation:


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