Video: Sudbury girl struggling with COVID-19 isolation receives incredible visitor (warning: take a tissue)


Physical distance protects Canadians from COVID-19, but coping with the isolation that can accompany it can be difficult for adults, not to mention children.

Like many parents, Sudbury’s mother Bianca Charrette saw the impact of the pandemic on her young daughter Tiffany. Tiffany not only misses her friends, but her worries and anxiety related to COVID-19 make her nightmares.

“Tiffany is struggling with this social distancing,” Charrette told “I did a Facebook status on Tiffany having trouble understanding why she can’t play with her friends and that she has nightmares about” germs “.

“Many friends have left kind words on the post. Showing us that we were not alone. “

Tiffany is four on May 2 and like many girls her age, she loves the Disney movie Frozen. In case you are not familiar with the pop culture phenomenon which is the Frozen franchise, the original film and its sequel (the appropriate title Frozen 2) tell the story of the aristocratic sisters Elsa and Anna, who also experienced their own form of isolation. Unable to control her magical powers, Elsa was forced to stay in her room and the sisters were not allowed to play together.

Pretty relatable, right?

Cue Kassie Taylor!

After seeing Charette’s Facebook post, the family’s longtime friend knew how to cheer up Tiffany during this difficult time, and perhaps even help her deal with her confusion and loneliness.

Taylor used her talents as a singer-songwriter to serenade Tiffany in front of her apartment building in Greater Sudbury.

Dressed in Anna, Queen of Arendelle, (and making a direct impression of actor Kristen Bell) Taylor sang perfect renditions of the most popular songs from the movie “Do you want to build a snowman?” “And” For the first time forever “.

Watch the video above to see Tiffany’s reaction.

“I was preparing to start broadcasting Anna and Elsa live on Facebook,” said Taylor. “Then I had the idea to make it a little more personal and to visit people from afar and see the difference it can make in someone’s day. “

Like Tiffany, Taylor has also had some tough times lately.

“As an interpreter, I basically lost my job during the pandemic. I’m also a student, so I’m just trying to pick up the pieces, “said Taylor. “And being an extrovert, even seeing people from afar while playing, makes such a difference. Not only in their lives but also in mine. “

Before leaving for the long journey back to Arendelle, Anna asked Princess Tiffany one thing: that she believes the doors will open again.

“Anna was able to give him some hope and make him believe that the doors will open again. Said Charrette. “I cried, my husband on the balcony with Tiffany was also crying and other families went out. “

“It was a message that many children needed to hear. Even we as parents. “

If you live in Greater Sudbury and would like to book a special social outreach tour with Elsa or Anna outside your home, send an email to Kassie Taylor at [email protected] or send him a private message on Facebook here.

For tips on how to cope with the physical alienation and anxiety caused by the pandemic, see this column from registered nurse psychotherapist Stacey Roles.


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