Victoria and David Beckham are locked up in the Cotswolds but not everyone is happy with the stars in their midst


Victoria and David Beckham have been charged with turning the pandemic into an instafest with a constant flow of messages from their home in the Cotswolds.

The famous couple and their families have withdrawn to their £ 6 million block of Cotswolds to self-isolate at the start of the coronavirus epidemic.

But according to Mailonline, some of their neighbors are not particularly satisfied with celebrities and social media influencers who visit their second homes in the country.

And a local advisor said documenting their time there with pictures of the family kitchen, settling in with popcorn in their movie theater and running on social media was “insensitive” when so many people struggled .

Like many families, they shared photos and videos of themselves in the Grade II listed barn with their sons Romeo, 17, and Cruz, 15, and their eight-year-old daughter, Harper.

They also shared positive and encouraging messages about staying at home and staying strong during difficult times.

Brooklyn’s eldest son, who recently celebrated his 21st birthday in style with a beating of celebrities at the Cotswolds’ family home, is currently in America with his girlfriend Nicola Peltz.

But the family shared photos of how she spends her time, including images of Cruz’s new closed hair with the ends dyed pink. A message showed the children a tie dyeing one of Victoria’s white T-shirts in the garden.

She wrote, “But it was really fun, it was a great day today, so it feels good that they could get into the garden, play with paintings, be creative and transform my simple chic white in T-shirt in something really very different. ”

Positive messages of encouragement have also been sent to other parents who find it difficult to lock in.

But now the former popular footballer from England and the ex-Spice Girl have found themselves caught in the current row over second home owners heading to their country pensions and putting pressure on rural services.

A local councilor who did not want to be named told MailOnline that the family had posted pictures of their luxury home that had a sauna, hot tub and tennis court.

They said, “Show off your beautiful country house on social media and tell us how wonderful you have been rubbing your nose. “

“The Beckhams and other celebrities are just stupid, irresponsible and insensitive. “

According to the report, traders have seen their business flourish and believe that this is partly due to the owners of second homes.

The family has always spent a lot of time at home in Great Tew where they organized several family celebrations and celebrated Christmas.

But a woman who works in a nearby butcher shop said, “The Beckhams and these other fanciful people who think it’s a good idea to isolate themselves in the country are just selfish. “

In addition to posting images of their time in isolation, they showed their support for the NHS by joining Clap For Carers every Thursday.

Fashion designer Victoria also recently shared a video of herself FaceTiming an NHS team thanking them for their hard work as they fight the pandemic on the front lines.

She wrote: “Yesterday I had the modest opportunity to speak to an NHS team in Scotland.

It’s something that has touched our whole lives at one point.

From the cradle to the grave, the National Health Service and the incredible professionals who care for us are part of British life.

Today, more than ever, we must cherish those who dedicate themselves to our care, without worrying about their own health, because they work tirelessly to care for people facing the coronavirus pandemic.

Nurses and others – employed by the NHS and all other parts of health and care – we never needed it anymore.

So let’s show them some love and create a living card of gratitude from all over Britain.

By dropping a heart on the card, you are saying that you appreciate the daily efforts in the NHS.

Thank you a million NHS workers – we love you.

Click here to enter your postal code and drop your local NHS heroes.

“Please watch and listen to what they say. They are so inspiring and we all have to do our part to stay home and help these amazing workers and their front-line colleagues x VB ”


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