Velveteen Dream issues statement after being charged with sending an explicit photo to a minor


WWE NXT star Velveteen Dream went on Twitter today to refute allegations made against him by someone who claims that Dream sent inappropriate photos to someone under the age of 18.

Dream tweeted, “Rest assured that I haven’t communicated inappropriately with anyone. One of my private photos has been shared without my consent or to my knowledge and I am working with a third party to investigate this matter. “

The allegations gained momentum earlier today when someone on Reddit claimed to have responded to Dream by saying that its Instagram DMs were open. The individual alleged that Dream sent an explicit photo. The audio surfaced with a voice that sounded like Dream asking “What school are you going to?” Again, there is no confirmation that the voice heard in the clip is actually Velveteen Dream.

The person also claims to have more evidence which will be turned over to the local police.

Here’s a screenshot of the Reddit thread:

Here is the alleged Dream audio asking “What school are you going to?” “


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