Vancouver choir cover of Bohemian Rhapsody may make you want to wash your hands


If you run out of songs to hum for 20 seconds while washing your hands, a coronavirus-themed cover from a Vancouver chamber choir Bohemian Rhapsody could prevent you from rubbing.

Several members of the Phoenix Chamber Choir have reworked the song Queen with all the new lyrics on the theme of the pandemic.

“I’m just a poor boy, no job security, because of his easy spread, even though we washed our hands, bending down,” said the song.

Each member sang their role at home, to the rhythm of a metronome, before putting it together in a video.

Doctor and choir member, Dr. Carolyn Shiau recorded her part between shifts at the Royal Columbian Hospital.

It has been a difficult time for many arts organizations in the city who rely on having people together to rehearse or play, she said.

“We thought there should be another way to sing and connect with each other,” she said.

The Phoenix Chamber Choir had to cancel the rest of its season due to COVID-19, but its singers still found a way to get together and share an important message. 5:51

“Human beings are supposed to connect as a community, which is why many of us sing together. But I think right now, the health and safety of everyone else around us is paramount. “

The Phoenix Chamber Choir has existed in Vancouver for almost 40 years. He had to cancel the rest of his season due to COVID-19, so members are unlikely to see each other until October.

Seeing the finished video, it was the first time that the choir heard the song in its entirety.

Music breaks the stress of practicing medicine, said Shiau, and a way to connect with people she would never have met.

Shiau said she hopes the song reminds people that we are still connected during the pandemic.

“If people smile a little and remember certain lines of the song in your head, they may think about it and remember to wash their hands and stay at home,” said Shiau.

“We can get through this, we just need to do these few things and remember and remind everyone to keep going. “


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