Valentine’s Day views: will the NFL season really start on time? In addition, some drafts of Giants


I’m not counting on the start of the NFL season. At least not with fans who are racing NFL stadiums across the country.

This is what the league hopes for. This is what the president told the owners on Saturday that he hopes:

“They want to come back. They have to come back… We want to come back soon, very soon, ”said Trump of his conversation with professional stewards at his press conference on Saturday. “We have to reopen our country.”

The sad reality, however, is that the COVID-19 crisis will not have completely stopped by then. The virus, although probably in smaller numbers, will likely continue to be present in our lives. And, there probably won’t be a vaccine yet.

Here’s what the chief medical officer told Judy Battista:

“I would say that everyone hopes, that we are able to do it”, [Dr. David] Sills added. “But the reality is that none of us know these facts for sure at the moment. We hope and pray for the best and prepare for the worst, realizing that it is a potential result that we will be fully back in professional games as usual in front of fans on time. But it’s certainly not the only result. And I think what that meant was to say that we are not at the point where we say this is absolutely not going to happen, so we have to continue our planning and preparations as if we are going to be able to do it. But obviously, we’re going to have to assess this along the way. And follow the recommendations of public health officials and our experts in infectious and other diseases. »…

“As long as we are still in a place where when only one person tests positive for the virus you have to quarantine each person who was in contact with them in any form, form or mode, then I don’t think you can start to think about reopening a team sport, “said Sills. “Because we are going to have positive cases for a very long time. “

The NFL, by owning a free agency and proposing a modified project, is doing everything in its power to meet a relatively normal schedule.

We do know, however, that the off-season training will be discontinued. Unfortunately, although no one really wants this to happen, it is possible that the regular season may as well.

My quick call: Want football in the fall? Take the guidelines on social isolation seriously and do everything you can to protect yourself and everyone you come in contact with.

I think of some things as we get closer to the project.

A dance partner at number 4?

When preparing for the 2020 NFL Draft, I’ve always said that a potential downside scenario that intrigues me for the Giants would be to get the 12th and 19th overall picks from the Las Vegas Raiders in exchange for the fourth pick global.

Well, from now on, I’m told that Raiders coach Jon Gruden is in love with Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons and would be ready to make this deal. Of course, Gruden changes his mind as often as the wind changes direction, so in three weeks it might be another story.

What would the Giants do with choices 12 and 19?

The Giants wouldn’t have a choice from the top 4 attacking tackles at # 12, but they’d probably find one or two of them still on the board if they wanted to go that direction. Edge and wide receiver (yes, wide receiver) could also be in play if the Giants are seated in the middle of the first lap.

Let’s talk more about the wide receiver

Think about the needs of the Giants and the two things that keep coming back are the attacking tackle and the defensive rusher / playmaker. A wide receiver, especially in a draft class that seems to be loaded to the point where talented players should be available in the middle of the draft, seems to be of less need.

The point is, the indication that I have received consistently is that the Giants may not see it that way. Whether or not he’s a # 1 receiver, I think the Giants believe in the future of Darius Slayton. Sterling Shepard’s concussions and the age of Golden Tate, however, could add game makers for Daniel Jones to a higher priority.

Want to look at some names? Of course you do. Remember the names Justin Jefferson from LSU [prospect profile] and Denzel Mims from Baylor [prospect profile].


In seven projects (five with Caroline, two with New York, Giants general manager Dave Gettleman has never bartered. Study his story, however, and you know that targeting and trading for a player he wants is something he did several times. That’s what Gettleman did last year to cornerback DeAndre Baker at the end of Round 1.

The jury is still out on whether this decision will bear fruit. Keep an eye out for Gettleman, who is redoing something like this. Especially for a wide catcher or an attacking tackle if the Giants pass the Big 4.

Chad Reuter of has listed the Seattle Seahawks (# 27) as a potential trading partner for the Giants in this scenario. As I suggested, he watches the catcher for the Giants in such a move.

I was told that the other team would be ready to play ball to return to the scenario of round 1? The San Francisco 49ers at # 31.

Offensive line targets

You’ve probably figured it out already, but I think Tristan Wirfs of Iowa is the best attacking tackle in the Giants’ draft. There have also been numerous rumors recently that the Giants will face time with central Michigan Cesar Ruiz. So let’s go with the idea that he is their top central target.

What if the Giants, who must address these points in the project, must go to Plan B to get there?

In attacking tackle, Ezra Cleveland of Boise State is a player the Giants seem to love. As for the center, watch Matt Hennessy from Temple if he’s available in the middle towers. [Prospect profile]


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