Vacationers Should Accept Vouchers For Canceled Vacation – Or Millions Of Britons Will Losing Trips Completely


HOLIDAYS that have had their vacations canceled must accept the credit notes, otherwise they risk losing their entire vacation.

The ABTA warned that vacation providers could go bankrupt if they were forced to offer refunds to travelers, which means millions of trips could be canceled.

    Vacationers With Canceled Trips Should Accept Credit Notes Or Risk Losing Vacation
Vacationers With Canceled Trips Should Accept Credit Notes Or Risk Losing VacationCredit: Mirrorpix

The travel industry organization urges the government to introduce temporary changes to the rules governing vacation reimbursements, expanding the window for reimbursement credit notes as a short-term alternative to cash reimbursements.

Current rules allow passengers to be reimbursed within 14 days of their canceled vacation.

However, as vacations are canceled on a large scale, as airlines delay reimbursements and hotel closings, tour operators are unable to do so.

Mark Tanzer, Executive Director of ABTA, said: “We know the government has a lot to deal with the current crisis, but its failure to make these temporary changes to the reimbursement rules defies logic and leaves the consumer in a no man’s land.

“The rules for 14-day refunds were never designed for mass vacation cancellations, which we are currently seeing as a result of government action to contain the pandemic. “

    Providing long-term credit ratings could protect the travel industry from losing millions
Providing long-term credit ratings could protect the travel industry from losing millionsCredit: EPA

He warns that the taxpayer could be forced to recover the £ 4.5 billion repayment bill if changes are not made.

He continued: “It is important to reiterate, it is about supporting businesses through an entirely unpredictable and short-term cash crisis – customers will not lose their right to a refund, and their money is not in danger. “

The new regulations would follow other European countries that have already introduced temporary changes to the reimbursement regulations.

The European Commission has updated its guidelines on the Package Travel Directive (PTD) on the reimbursement of customer complaints.

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Last week, they encouraged customers to accept credit notes, provided that the customer can claim a refund in the future if the voucher is not used and that it is protected if the business goes bankrupt.

Consumers may soon be offered coupons that last up to two years.

Some passengers are already offered credit notes instead of refunds, or have trouble getting a refund.

Social media has been inundated with complaints that budget airlines are dragging their heels on refunds, as many are seeking refunds for their Easter vacation.

The British government has updated its latest advice on overseas travel, warning against non-essential travel indefinitely.

However, travel experts have warned that this could cause problems for travelers seeking a refund or canceling their vacation.

Roly Boland, publisher of Which? Voyage warned that it should be extended with a final date that can be reviewed later.

He told iNews that it would provide travelers with “the clarity they so badly need regarding refunds, booking changes or insurance claims.”

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