Using the Consensus Big Board to rank 2020 NFL Draft classes 1 to 32 – The Athletic


When it comes to analyzing drafts, people are generally happy to hear about prospects – what they’re good at, what they’re struggling with, where they stand – before the draft and hostile afterwards, because, of course , we can’t know how good a player will be until we set foot on an NFL field, but we do it because it’s part of the sport, and a method of figuring out who did well when NFL draft this weekend and who hasn’t done so is using our Consensus Big Board, which compiles the opinions of more than 60 reviewers. While there is a lot of disagreement about the individual perspectives between each reviewer, the sum total of the knowledge of all of these reviewers can be instructive.

In 2014 and 2015, the Consensus Big Board was almost as effective as the project itself in assessing talent. The most recent year we have for players who have signed a second contract is 2016, which gives us a good time to see if the board was …


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