US economy set to reopen in May and June, then “really bounce back,” says Mnuchin, but others say



The US economy will “really bounce back” from July, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Sunday.

Who is Deborah Birx – the doctor whose reaction when Trump suggested people inject disinfectants went viral?

5 things to know about the ambassador and the coronavirus response coordinator See the full article.

Tech’s trillion-dollar assessments are about to be tested for coronavirus-contaminated profits

Only four US companies have already been valued at $ 1 trillion or more without taking inflation into account, and all four will describe how their companies weathered the COVID-19 pandemic in the coming week. See the full story.

Millions of credit card customers can’t pay their bills, and lenders prepare for impact

Millions of Americans are skipping their credit card payments as the coronavirus pandemic puts them out of work. Banks and other lenders who, for years, have relied on high consumer spending to generate large profits are preparing to fight alongside their customers. See the full story.

The IRS pays $ 157.9 billion in 88 million stimulus checks

New IRS data shows how many people were paid up to $ 1,200 each, state by state. See the full story.


Spain started on Sunday which could be the start of relaxed rules for its citizens, starting with the youngest. See the full story.


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