US business tops 900,000, says Birx, social distancing will last all summer


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  • Global cases: more than 2.9 million
  • Deaths worldwide: at least 203,534 deaths
  • Cases in the United States: more than 939,000
  • Deaths in the United States: at least 53,934

The above data was compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

10:14 am: Azar’s future is not clear at HHS

The future of Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, is unclear after a report that members of the Trump administration were planning to fire him.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday that officials were considering withdrawing Azar, citing six sources close to the talks. White House spokesman Judd Deere denied any impending decision, saying “any speculation about the personnel is irresponsible and a distraction from our whole-of-government response to Covid-19”.

Trump defended Azar from criticism last month, saying on Twitter that Azar had “total confidence” in himself and Vice President Mike Pence. —Jesse Pound

9:54 am: economic damage hits the lowest level of employees

Low-income groups, which depend on the employment services industry, have the greatest impact from the closure of an economy that is driven by services such as hotels, bars and restaurants. They work in the hard-hit retail industry and depend on the ability for others to shop, dine and travel, activities which have all been severely curtailed during the current closure.

Although government programs have focused on keeping displaced people afloat through efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus, the pain is likely to last a long time.

“The biggest hits are in the travel industry, the retail industry, and the health care industry that is on the front lines of the virus. These are usually low-paying jobs, so people in the bottom income wealth “distribution will suffer,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics. “There is no doubt about it. ” —Jeff Cox

9:40 a.m .: Social distancing measures will continue “throughout the summer,” says Birx

White House health adviser Dr. Deborah Birx told Chuck Todd of NBC News on “Meet the Press” that Americans will have to continue to use social distancing measures even as the pandemic weakens in late May.

“Social distancing will be with us throughout the summer to really make sure that we protect each other as we go through these phases,” said Birx.

Birx’s comments came after Vice President Mike Pence told Fox News on Friday that “by the weekend of Memorial Day, we will have this coronavirus epidemic largely behind us.” Birx said Pence’s statement was based on models that the White House task force examined on usage data from Detroit and Louisiana. – Jesse Pound

9:32 am: Pelosi says cash-strapped local governments will receive funding in next relief bill

Chamber Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that the next coronavirus rescue program will include public and local funding in high demand across the country.

When asked if the House Democrats made a tactical error in supporting the latest aid package, which did not include public and local funding, Pelosi told CNN’s Jake Tapper to “just calm down “

“We will have a state and local and we will have it significantly,” said Pelosi.

Congress passed, and President Trump signed a nearly $ 500 billion coronavirus aid bill last week that included $ 370 billion for small businesses, $ 75 billion for hospitals and $ 25 billion for testing. The Democrats had demanded $ 150 billion from state and local governments in this legislation, but the Republicans managed to reject this money. – Emma Newburger

9:03 a.m .: Cases and deaths reported in the United States


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