Ulrika Jonsson fears to become ‘virgin’ again when she isolates herself without a new man


Ulrika Jonsson is concerned that she will become a virgin again by the end of the lockout.

Television personality, 52, is currently isolated in the coronavirus pandemic with her three children Bo, 19, Martha, 15, and eleven Malcolm, and shared how not being with her new boyfriend plays in his mind.

The Swedish TV presenter divorced her third husband Brian Monet last year after the couple ended up in a “sexless marriage”, but recently found a new boyfriend.

Talking about riding a horse with her new man, she wrote in her column for BEST magazine: “It took a long time to restart my inner sex engine – only for the coronavirus to take out the gas and throw me in a secluded garage place on the edge of nowhere.

Ulrika Jonsson fears “going virgin” by end of lockout

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“I know you could argue that lack of intimacy, contact, love and affection is at the bottom of the list of needs and musts right now – and I hear you.

“But it took a long time to reprogram my sleeping brain to wake up and give and receive affection. And now I’m trying to do the opposite. And you know what they say about old dogs …

“So, instead, my new approach is looking forward to” going out “again – whenever it can be. I try my best to remember what it feels like, wondering if I’ll be a virgin again by the time it’s all over. ”

Television personality is currently locked in isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic with her three children and shared how playing with her new boyfriend plays on her mind

Just before the lockout took place, Ulrika sprang from her new relationship, which does not seem to lack sexual intimacy.

The four-year-old mother has since confirmed that her five-year wait is over – and her first time with her new boyfriend is incredible.

In an appearance on Loose Women, Ulrika explained, “I am so dizzy and excited that I sometimes forget to eat. “

When asked about her first night with the mystery man, she explained, “What was it like to have sex again for the second time in almost a decade?

“Fantastic, sums up just about everything. “

She fears lack of sex will make her virgin again

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She continued, “And I’m not just talking about physical pleasure – joy, and I really mean that being touched and held and feeling wanted again was a gift that I had forgotten that one person has the power to give to another. “

She added, “I honestly thought this side of me was dead; I had resigned myself to living the rest of my life without sex and without the pleasure of touching.

“Now I have privacy in my life, it feels like rediscovering myself as a sexual being – it’s a revelation. “

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