UK “missed three opportunities to join EU program to buy protective equipment in bulk”


The UK has missed three opportunities to be part of an EU program to buy bulk personal protective equipment (PPE) for health workers, reports have said.

Britain would not have taken advantage of the opportunities to obtain items such as masks, dresses and gloves as part of an EU initiative.

The availability of PPE has been a major problem in the coronavirus epidemic.

It occurs when the Mirror launched the “Protect Us” campaign on behalf of all those who serve Britain when it needs it, demanding PPE for all NHS staff, carers, cleaners, porters, transport workers and anyone else at risk.

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Britain would not have taken advantage of opportunities to obtain items such as masks, gowns and gloves as part of an EU initiative

According to the Guardian, European medical personnel are expected to receive the first £ 1.3 billion of PPE in days or up to two weeks as part of the EU program involving 25 countries.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs said, “We are working 24 hours a day with industry, the NHS, social service providers and the military to secure the supply of PPE during weeks and months to come and give our NHS and social care sector everything they need to fight this pandemic – including working with countries around the world.

“We are also working with a number of companies to increase production for existing UK fan manufacturers, as well as design and manufacture new products from scratch, and purchase thousands of additional machines overseas.

The Mirror requires PPE for all NHS staff

“We will continue to work with European countries and others to ensure that we can increase capacity within the NHS, and we will consider participating in future EU joint purchasing programs based on the requirements of public health at the time. “

At the Downing Street daily briefing on the coronavirus emergency on Monday, First Secretary of State and Minister for Foreign Affairs Dominic Raab said that the government was trying to reassure front line workers about PPE.

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Coronavirus epidemic

The comments came amid concerns over a shortage of certain supplies in certain parts of the country.

Raab said: “We understand the importance of putting PPE on the front line, whether in nursing homes or the NHS.

“I think the greatest practical assurance they will want and that we can give them is that over the holiday weekend, over 16 million items have been delivered and we strive every tendon to deploy them even further and even faster. “


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