UK Coronavirus Lockdown: Government “Should Announce Three Week Extension”


The coronavirus lockout in the UK will be extended until at least May 7 in an announcement due Thursday, the report said.

Dominic Raab, who replaces Prime Minister Boris Johnson while he is recovering from Covid-19, is said to have told the British that they will have to stay at home for at least three more weeks as ministers wrestle with an exit strategy.

According to polls, 74% of the public supports a cautious approach to lifting the lockout, reports The Times.

Public opinion strongly supports preventing the spread of the virus, even if it causes economic damage – although 13% want to get people back to work, even if that means there are more Covid cases -19.

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Dominic Raab is said to have told the British that the lockdown will be extended

Health Secretary Matt Hancock is anxious to get the message “Stay home and save lives” and fears it will be compromised if nonessential businesses are allowed to reopen.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon and prominent figures from the Welsh and Northern Ireland governments have reportedly been invited to a COBRA meeting to discuss a UK-wide approach.

Government sources admit that ministers are discussing how to balance the fight against the coronavirus with the economic effect of the closure.

The lockout should be extended to at least May 7

A government source told the Mirror, “We are clearly concerned about the economic impact of all of this, but public health is the top priority right now.

“It would be wrong to look like bean counters at the expense of saving lives. “

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Coronavirus epidemic

But another cabinet source noted that the health of the economy and public health are closely linked.

They told the Mirror, “It’s not a binary choice between protecting lives and protecting the economy, we want to protect both. “


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