UK coronavirus death toll exceeds 5,000, but daily rate drops


The number of coronavirus deaths in Britain has risen to 5,375 after the deaths of 441 other patients – the lowest daily total in almost a week.

The total previously stood at 4,934 yesterday. The largest daily increase recorded to date was 708 on Saturday.

NHS officials said 403 people – ages 35 to 106 – died in hospitals in England in just 24 hours. Of these, 15 had no known underlying health conditions.

England has registered the most deaths since the start of the epidemic (4,897), followed by Scotland (222), Wales (193) and Northern Ireland (63 yesterday).

The figure announced Monday afternoon does not include people who died at home.

The dark increase came when Prime Minister Boris Johnson was treated in a London hospital for coronavirus, the first British caregiver to die from Covid-19 was named mom of two Carol Jamabo of Greater Manchester, and new tributes were returned to NHS nurses who died from the disease.

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Police stand guard outside hospital where Boris Johnson is being treated

Official figures released by the Ministry of Health estimate the number of hospital deaths at 5,373 at 5 p.m. Sunday. Scotand reported two more details on Monday, bringing the total to 5,375.

The number of confirmed cases increased from 3,802 to 51,608 at 9 a.m. on Monday.

Another 403 hospital patients in England who tested positive for the coronavirus died, bringing the total to 4,897, said NHS England.

The patients were between 35 and 106 years of age and 15 of them had no known underlying medical conditions.

London recorded the most deaths – 129. The Midlands saw 75 and the North East and Yorkshire 67.

Paramedic wearing personal protective equipment in London

According to the NHS England, just over half of the coronavirus-related deaths reported by hospitals in England so far have been people aged 80 and over.

At 5:00 p.m. on April 5, 2,554 (52%) of 4,897 deaths were 80 years of age or older, while 1,947 (40%) were 60 to 79 years of age.

Another 353 (7%) were aged 40 to 59, 38 (1%) were aged 20 to 39 and five (0.1%) were aged 0 to 19.

The figures are provisional. Confirmation of a coronavirus diagnosis, notification of death, and notification by NHS trusts can take up to several days, which means the latest figures may not include all deaths that day or previous days.

Wales Public Health said 27 more people died after testing positive for Covid-19, bringing the number of deaths in Wales to 193.

Dr. Giri Shankar, Director of Incidents for the Welsh Coronavirus Outbreak Response, said: “We offer our condolences to the affected families and friends, and ask those who report the situation to respect patient confidentiality . “

Wales Public Health said 302 new cases had tested positive for Covid-19 in Wales, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 3,499.

The number of people killed in Scotland after contracting a coronavirus is 222, a two-fold increase from Sunday, said Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

She stressed once again that this would not be a “real number” and would be “artificially low” because the authorities are changing the way deaths are reported.

A total of 3,961 people tested positive across Scotland and the number of patients treated at the hospital for Covid-19 is 1,599, including 199 in intensive care.

Speaking at a briefing at the Scottish government headquarters in Edinburgh, the Prime Minister admitted that it had been “a difficult 24 hour period for the government”, but said it was nothing compared to the difficulties encountered by those who contracted Covid-19 and those who treated them. .

Regarding Boris Johnson’s illness, she said, “We all hope that he will recover very quickly. “

She said Dr. Gregor Smith will take over as interim chief medical officer for the foreseeable future following the resignation of Dr. Catherine Calderwood due to her two trips to her second home during the segregation.

Ms. Sturgeon said, “Fighting this virus remains a job for all of us.

“I understand how difficult these restrictions are, I know they will seem more difficult as the weather improves. However, they remain crucial. “

Dr. Smith said the vast majority of those who contract Covid-19 would experience mild symptoms, but if they worsen, he said patients should contact NHS 111.

The Acting Chief Medical Officer of Health for Scotland said, “If you have symptoms that worry you, I don’t want you to stay at home worrying about them.

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“Your NHS will stay here at all times. “

Coronavirus tests in Britain exceeded 16,000 tests on Sunday, said Downing Street.

More than 15,000 people were reported to have been carried out in NHS hospitals and Public Health England laboratories out of 12,334 people at 8 p.m.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said on Sunday that more than 1,000 NHS workers and their families had been tested separately.

Meanwhile, 56-year-old Ms. Jamabo is said to be the first caregiver publicly identified after succumbing to the killer virus.

She worked as a community caregiver for Cherish Elderly Care in Bury, Greater Manchester, but fell ill about a week before her death last Wednesday, her family said.

Carol Jamabo died after contracting coronavirus
Carol Jamabo dies after contracting coronavirus, says family

Her youngest son also tested positive for the virus, according to his family.

She is not believed to have had any major underlying health problems, but she did have asthma.

As the days went by, his condition deteriorated rapidly, according to his nephew, Dakuro Fiberesima, of Purfleet, Essex.

Fiberesima said, “It happened so quickly. No one was by his side. “

The university where midwife Lynsay Coventry graduated paid tribute to her.

Ms. Coventry, who died last Thursday after being tested positive for the coronavirus, worked for the Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust in Harlow, Essex.

Dr. Louise Jenkins, director of the School of Nursing and Obstetrics at Anglia Ruskin University, said: “We are saddened to learn of the loss of one of our former students, Lynsay Coventry.

“Lynsay graduated from midwifery with us in 2009 and most recently worked to support our students in clinical practice.

“She was a very kind and gentle person and a committed midwife; she will be missed by all who knew her.

“The Faculty of Health, Education, Medicine and Welfare discusses the best way to remember Lynsay, as well as to recognize all of our other students and alumni who work so hard at the NHS at one time as well difficult.

“Our thoughts are with Lynsay’s family, friends and colleagues. “

Nurse and grandmother Liz Glanister was greeted by broken-hearted colleagues at Aintree University Hospital in Liverpool, where she was a mentor and “working mom” for young nurses, after her death last Friday.

Nurse Liz Glanister (center) died on Friday after contracting a coronavirus

The 68-year-old is one of 10 frontline NHS workers to die during the Covid-19 crisis, which claimed the lives of nearly 5,000 people in the UK on Monday morning.

His devastated colleagues, former cancer patients and friends paid tribute to him on Facebook, with a man writing: “You didn’t deserve this after all the people you saved and cared for. “

The sister of a nurse who died after contracting Covid-19 paid tribute to her “rare” and “amazing” brother.

Areema Nasreen, 36, died in the early hours of Friday at Walsall Manor Hospital, the place where she had worked throughout her career.

The mother of three was the first in her family to graduate, according to her sister, who in a tribute to Ms. Nasreen said “we have lost an incredible person.”

Speaking to Victoria Derbyshire on the BBC news channel on Monday, Ms. Afzal, 33, said that her sister had developed a passion for others as a little girl, taking care of her nan.

Doctor and paramedic outside NHS Nightingale Hospital in East London

Said, “It was just a rare girl.

“We lost an incredible nurse, but we also lost an incredible person in life. “

Another parent, Dr. Samara Afzal, said that the Nasreen program had been a “role model”.

She said: “She was in balance with her family and a fantastic role model for Asian women, because very rarely do you see someone who has a family, three dependent children, but who continues to work 12 hour shifts like nurse and it’s quite rare in the South Asian community.

“I want to be remembered as a fantastic model. “

Johnson remained in hospital on Monday as he continued to experience symptoms of coronavirus, including cough and fever.

Her pregnant fiancée Carrie Symonds also had symptoms.

Boris Johnson was admitted to St Thomas Hospital in London

For those affected who have a coronavirus in the UK, Public Health England has issued advice on how to self-isolate.

1. Stay at home: leave your house only when you need to see a doctor. Ask for help with grocery shopping or have it delivered.

2. Stay away from your roommates: Stay in a well-ventilated room, away from others, with the door closed. Use a separate bathroom and wear a face mask when sharing zones.

3. Call ahead before visiting the doctors so they can take extra precautionary measures.

4. Cover yourself with coughs and sneezes: make sure you cover your nose and mouth and throw the disposable tissues in a plastic garbage bag.

5. Wash your hands regularly: this should be done often and thoroughly with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds, rinse and dry thoroughly.

6. Avoid sharing household items: you should not share dishes, glasses, cups, cookware, towels, bedding or other items with others in your home when you have them used. After using these items, wash them thoroughly with soap and water.

7. Do not have visitors in your house.

8. Stay away from your pets if possible.

9. Keep your clothes clean: do the laundry at the highest possible temperature and clean all surfaces around the washing machine.

10. Watch your symptoms: See a doctor quickly if your condition gets worse, for example, if you have trouble breathing or if the person you are caring for shows symptoms.

The Prime Minister received oxygen treatment when he was transferred to St Thomas Hospital, a short drive from Downing Street, on Sunday evening, the Times reported.

Johnson tweeted, “Last night, on the advice of my doctor, I went to the hospital for routine tests because I still have symptoms of coronavirus.

“I am in a good mood and keep in touch with my team as we work together to fight this virus and keep everyone safe.”

“I would like to say thank you to all the brilliant NHS staff who take care of me and others during this difficult time. You are the best in Britain. Stay safe everyone, and don’t forget to stay home to protect the NHS and save lives. “

No10 said it was not an emergency admission.

On Monday, a man wearing personal protective equipment was seen cleaning an official car at the back of 10 Downing Street.

A man in personal protective equipment cleans an official car at the back of 10 Downing Street

Rochdale MP Tony Lloyd is hospitalized with Covid-19.

The 70-year-old fictitious secretary of state for Northern Ireland is being treated at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, his family said.

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab chaired the daily coronavirus meeting Monday morning while the Prime Minister remains in hospital, said Downing Street.

Ministers are said to be preparing for the end of the foreclosure, fearing that some businesses will survive if they continue after June.

The lock – now entering its third week – will be reviewed on April 13. The government has not specified a date by which it could end, a No10 spokesperson told Mirror Online.

Johnson’s chief counselor, Dominic Cummings, who has also developed symptoms, has yet to return to work on Downing Street but is in talks with authorities.

“He’s not back to # 10 today. He is in touch with No. 10, ”said the Prime Minister’s spokesperson.

The Queen’s speech to the nation was watched by over 23 million people

The Duchess of Cornwall found the Prince of Wales after coming out of his isolation – just days before their 15th wedding anniversary.

Camilla, 72, tested negative for the coronavirus but isolated for 14 days after the heir to the throne Charles contracted Covid-19 disease.

The couple, who had stayed away from one another during their Scottish retreat at Birkhall in Aberdeenshire, reached Thursday 15 years of marriage.

A source told PA: “She came out of isolation this morning.”

Charles ended his isolation a week ago and spoke of the “strange, frustrating and often painful” experience of being without friends and family.

The Queen’s address to the nation on Sunday evening was watched by over 23 million people.

People gathered on Primrose Hill on Sunday as temperatures rose above 20 ° C

The TV address was only the fourth in her 68-year reign during a time of national crisis and grief.

The 93-year-old woman, isolated with her husband Prince Philip at Windsor Castle, said: “It reminds me of the very first show I did in 1940 with the help of my sister.

“As children, we have spoken here to Windsor to children who have been evacuated from their homes and returned for their own safety.

“Today, again, many will experience a painful feeling of separation from their loved ones.

“But now, as then, we know, deep down, that this is the right thing to do. “

The government, meanwhile, has warned that tougher restrictions could be implemented if people continue to flout the rules of social lockdown and distancing.

He arrived when the police interrupted the picnics and told the bathers to go to the parks and beaches for a hot, sunny weekend.

Sunbathing is banned under coronavirus control measures, said Downing Street, but it is up to the police to exercise “discretion” in enforcing the rules.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said, “We have made it very clear why people should leave their homes and sunbathing is not one of them. People shouldn’t go on the beaches or in the parks to sunbathe, this goes against our movement guidelines.

“We have given the police the power to implement these guidelines and it is up to them to exercise their discretion over how they do it. “

The “overwhelming majority” of the public would have respected the rules of social distancing over the weekend, added No10.

Parks will continue to be closed as a last resort if people continue to break social distancing rules, it was warned.

Outdoor spaces are recognized as a “lifeline” for many, but boards will be “reluctantly forced to close them” if measures are flouted by the public, said the Local Government Association.

In other developments, a mass test for antibodies is at least a month away, said a senior government science advisor.

Oxford University professor Sir John Bell, who advises the government on the life sciences, said research was underway for an antibody test that would prove effective, but that those tested so far now had failed.

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said 350 Britons who were on board the Coral Princess, another cruise ship hit by a coronavirus epidemic, have returned to the UK from Florida.


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