UK coronavirus case numbers “going in the right direction” – but government is not ready to review the release of the lockout


The government says it is not ready to review the foreclosure measures, despite the number of new cases of coronavirus “going in the right direction”.

Speaking at Tuesday’s press conference in Downing Street, Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said the country should not ease off.

Mr. Raab intervened to chair the meeting of Boris Johnson, who was transferred Monday evening to the intensive care unit of St Thomas Hospital.

PM delegate “if necessary”, Mr. Raab said he was “confident” that Boris Johnson would be okay.

At the press conference, Scientific Director Sir Patrick Vallance said the number of new cases in the UK “may be going in the right direction” but it would not be clear “in about a week”.

Sir Patrick Vallance said the number of new cases in the UK “could be a step in the right direction”

He said: “It is possible that we are starting to see a beginning of change in terms of flattening the curve.

“We certainly won’t know for about a week.

“There was no accelerated takeoff and again, we may start to see the start of a change where we could see the numbers flattening out.

“This is starting to suggest that things could be going in the right direction in terms of numbers and it is important that we continue with the measures we have put in place to make sure it is going in the right direction. “

Pushed by reporters to find out if the government had decided to extend the lockout, Raab said the worst thing the country could do was “ease off” in terms of tough social distancing measures.

The lockdown announced by Boris Johnson began on March 23 and was scheduled to be reviewed on Monday, April 13.

He said, “With regard to the review, we are not there yet.

“We will make any decision when the time comes, based on scientific and medical facts and advice.

Raab said government is not ready to review lockdowns

“Our number one and overarching goal right now is to get the key message out that everyone should continue to adhere to these guidelines.

“There is a long Easter holiday weekend ahead, hot weather and we understand that people are making great sacrifices to follow these guidelines.

“It helps, it helps our ability to fight the coronavirus.

“The worst thing now would be to take your foot off the pedal, slow down and risk losing the gains that have been made.

“It is absolutely essential that people maintain this discipline and the vast majority will. We hope everyone will follow this example. “

At least 279 people have died from contracting coronavirus in hospitals in Greater Manchester.

The number of people who died after testing positive in the region has increased by 33 in the past 24 hours, according to data from NHS England.

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It’s the biggest peak death recorded in Greater Manchester in one day.

A statement published by NHS England said: “Another 758 people who tested positive for the coronavirus (Covid-19) died, bringing the total number of confirmed deaths in hospitals in England to 5,655.

“The patients were between 23 and 102 years old. 29 of 758 patients (aged 23 to 99) had no known underlying medical condition.


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