Tyler Cameron tweets about Jed Wyatt during his baccalaureate: listen to your heart


  • Tyler Cameron spent all of The baccalaureate: listen to your heart lagging behind Jed Wyatt.
  • Jed claps back and doesn’t follow Tyler.

    Have you watched The baccalaureate: listen to your heart last night? Since we are all bored in the house and in the house, I will assume that the answer is yes. Which means you’ve probably realized that competitor Trevor Holmes literally looks exactly like Jed. Like, Chris Harrison clearly created a clone in his underground lab, put it in Jed’s signature jacket, and hoped no one would notice. But … everyone did, oops!

    … Including Tyler Cameron, who competed with Jed on the Hannah Brown season The Bachelorette. And yes: Tyler spent the whole Listen to your heart first trolling Jed and poor Trevor, who never asked to be part of this tale:

    But apparently this tweet was too much for our guy Jed:

    Because he replied with THIS:

    And according to fans, he decided to stop following Tyler on Twitter. But! It looks like he is doing a little have a sense of humor about all of this because he also tweeted “Something about this new show sounds familiar. Maybe it’s Trevor’s jacket, maybe it’s all guitars. Stay tuned. “


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