Two more cases of coronavirus at Flowers Hospital


DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) – The number of coronavirus cases at Flowers Hospital has increased from one to three. All of this was confirmed this week.
That compares to 19 positive tests at Southeast Health, a city competitor who tested 131 people for Flowers 70.
One person died in the southeast of the country from the virus.
Here are the latest COVID-19 statistics as of Wednesday evening:
Southeast Health reports:
Total tested: 131
Positive: 19
Positive hospital patients: 10
Positive discharge: 8
Death of a patient with positive results: 1
Negative tests: 83
Pending tests: 29
Hospitalized patients awaiting results: 20
Flowers Hospital reports:
Total number of tests: 70
Pending tests: 4
Confirmed positive cases: 3


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