Twitch has a problem with non-stop “Valorant” streams


Valuing has been a success on Twitch, but it is now clear that success is not always for the right reasons. Kotaku has documented a multitude of Twitch streams that work 24/7 just to attract people looking for Valuing beta keys that fall off after watching for at least two hours. Many of these streams have honest live segments on a daily basis, but the rest of each stream usually only involves reruns and highlighted videos. Some don’t even have live videos.

The practice may seem benign, but there are a number of problems. It artificially skews the display of statistics, for starters – 24 hour feeds do ValuingSemble’s audience seems even wider than it is, and hurts the little streamers who are pushed into the rankings. Streamers can also mislead viewers by falsely labeling reruns (Twitch has native “replay” functionality) or by persuading them to perform tasks that will help the streamer, but will not increase their chances of getting keys.


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