TWICE’s Sana reveals how she felt after canceling her Seoul concert


In a new interview and photo for 1st Look magazine, TWICE’s SICE posed for their very first solo photo shoot and shared their thoughts on the recent cancellation of the group’s concert in Seoul.

When asked how she felt posing for a solo pictorial work, Sana said, “It’s something I’ve always done with the other members, so I felt a little alone and a little awkward, but it was still really fun. I’ve always enjoyed posing for photo shoots, so I’ve said to myself in the past that I’d like to try posing for only one day. ”

Sana then expressed her feelings about the inevitable cancellation of their concert “TWICELIGHTS in Seoul” FINALE “”, which was originally scheduled to take place March 7-8 at the KSPO Dome in Seoul. Although TWICE initially hoped to organize the concert again as planned, it was eventually canceled due to the epidemic of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus).

“I’m really sad about this,” she said. “Because it is difficult to put words. Because this concert in Seoul was supposed to be a significant event that marked the end of our year-long tour. “

Sana went on to say, “We were so sad about this that at the concert [original scheduled] date we all took photos together and posted on social media that we were sorry [to our fans] and so sad. But I was really grateful because it was our fans who ended up comforting and comforting us. “

She concluded: “I sincerely hope that everyone takes care of their health and does not get sick. “

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