Trump’s Alec Baldwin calls for “weekend update”


Alec Baldwin referred to Saturday Night Live, call for “Weekend Update” as president Donald trump not really too concerned or involved in this whole coronavirus pandemic.

“Thank you very much for joining us, Mr. Chair. So what’s the latest news with the virus? »Update co-host Colin Jost asked.

“Well, I’m happy to announce, Colin, that America is now number one in the world for the coronavirus,” Trump boasted. “Number one when I was president. #Americanumberone. #Not important why. “

“My approval rating is up, my television ratings go through the roof and every night at 7 p.m. all the applause and applause from New York for the great work I do, “added Trump.

“Yeah, I don’t know if it’s for you, man,” co-host Michael Che Noted.

“You’re wrong, LeBron, you’re wrong,” said Trump.

“I’ll be honest, this virus, this Covfefe-19 is really a journey,” said Trump moments later.

“What exactly is your advice, as it seems to change every 24 hours? Asked Che.

“This is an unpleasant question, you are very unpleasant,” replied Trump of Baldwin, evoking Trump’s real inclination to attack people of color with this insult. “I have been consistent from the start. I always said it was a giant hoax that we should take seriously, even if it was invented by the Democrats: impeachment, part two. So everyone has to wash their hands – or not. “

“I was wondering, where do you get most of your advice on this?” Pressed Jost.

“We have to listen to the experts on this one: Me, [Sean] Hannity, Jared Kushner, and Mike Lindell from MyPillow. “

When Jost pointed out that the president has now stopped using the “Chinese virus” to describe the COVID-19 epidemic, Trump agreed.

“It’s true, Colin, I had to ease the ethnic insults after discovering that everything we need to survive the virus is made in China, okay? Said Trump. “Do you want to hear some of the other names we worked on in the workshop?” “

“Okay, we got the Chinese flu,” said Trump of Baldwin. “So, of course, Hong Kong Fluey. And then, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Symptoms or Wang Chung Lung and then there is General Tso’s revenge. “

Stephen Miller came up with yellow fever, but it’s one thing already, “said Trump. “This is when a white guy is excited for an Asian chick. “

“Very well, well, it is probably better, sir, for you to back off. Some people say that now you seem more presidential than you ever did, “noted Jost.

“Well, at times like this, we have to unite as a nation because no matter how different we are, all Americans can agree on one thing,” said Trump, ” Carole baskins certainly fed her husband to these tigers. “

Watch the video above, via NBC.

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