Trump wonders if COVID-19 genomes gave NYT false quotes in Saturday’s bizarre explosion – Raw Story


President Donald Trump attacked The New York Times the Saturday.

“So now the fake news The New York Times traces the origins of CoronaVirus in Europe, NOT in China. It’s a first! I wonder where (sic) the New York Times failed for this one? Are there NAMED sources? Wondered Trump.

However, reports from Time was not based on anonymous sources.

“New research indicates that the coronavirus started circulating in the New York area in mid-February, weeks before the first confirmed case, and that travelers introduced the virus mainly from Europe, not from Asia” , Time reported Wednesday.

The story is now told by geneticists from Mount Sinai and N.Y.U.’s Icahn medical school. Grossman School of Medicine.

“The two teams analyzed the coronavirus genomes taken from New Yorkers from mid-March,” the newspaper noted. “Research has revealed a previously hidden spread of the virus that could have been detected if aggressive testing programs had been put in place. “

Trump appeared to be bored on Saturday as he left for his second weekend without playing golf.

Trump spent the early evening congratulating a West Virginia resident on comments made when he called C-SPAN and complaining about Fox News – hours before a Fox News interview.

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