Trump weighs on limiting flights between besieged cities


President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that his administration plans to order airlines to cut domestic flights in an effort to stem the spread of coronavirus between cities already besieged by the pandemic.

But Trump has said he is not ready to issue a national home stay order, saying it is not necessary in some states.

Some governors have attempted to act alone in the travel space. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has ordered anyone traveling to Florida from New York, New Jersey or Connecticut to self-isolate for 14 days, among the states hardest hit by the coronavirus. Alaska and Hawaii also require that anyone arriving from other states quarantine themselves.

Now Trump says he is considering regulating these thefts nationally.

"You move them, in some cases, from a hotspot to a hotspot," Trump said of the airlines during his daily crisis briefing. But he added that he is aware of the difficulties this would impose on airlines.

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"Once you have done that," he said, referring to the restriction on domestic flights, "you are suppressing an industry that is desperately needed."

Airlines have cut their flight times considerably in the face of falling passenger volumes between cities. Trump has also imposed a ban on foreign nationals visiting the United States from China and most European countries, including France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. It also imposed restrictions on non-essential travel from Mexico and Canada.

Trump has said, however, that a national home stay order is not necessary because "you are giving a little flexibility" in states or regions where the coronavirus has not been as much of a problem. He cited the Midwest and Alaska as examples.

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