Trump wants to open up a coronavirus-ravaged economy with a ‘big bang’


President Trump has said he would like to open the economy with a “big bang” and has suggested that this may first happen in areas of the country where the coronavirus epidemic has started to subside.

“I would love to open with a big bang, a beautiful country, but it is very possible,” the president said on Tuesday in Sean Hannity’s Fox News show.

“So we are looking at two concepts, we are looking at the concept that we are opening sections and we are also looking at the concept where you open everything,” said the president. “I think New York is preparing if it hasn’t already, but is preparing to reach its peak and once it reaches its peak, it will start to fall and it will descend rapidly. “

Unlike New York and New Jersey, Trump has said that some states do not have the same level of spread of coronaviruses.

He said parts of Michigan and Detroit have been “very badly hit” – “so there are places very badly affected in other places that have not been very hard hit by comparison, very little.”

The president kept an eye on the economy and the stock market during the battle against the pandemic, observing the downturn in finances as lockouts were extended in states across the country and workers were laid off or put on leave.

Donald trump
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He initially said he wanted to open the economy by Easter Sunday, but then decided to keep the mitigation guidelines – such as social distancing – in effect until April 30 to stop the spread of the virus. .

The president said he had “great people” who work to build and operate the economy.

“We have to reopen our country. It was not designed for that. You crack it – you crack it in two, it’s not good. And we will be open much sooner than later, ”he told Hannity. “And we’re going to come up with some ideas in the very near future, probably make them available to the public, put them out, but, you know, we’re going through April – as you know, April 30 – and we’re going to make a decision at from there. “

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday that 731 people had died of the coronavirus in New York – bringing the death toll to 5,489 – after a two-day lull that had led some officials to believe that the spread had reached its peak.

The number surpassed the previous peak of 630, Cuomo said on Saturday.

But he noted that hospitalizations and ICU admissions were starting to slow down because the social distancing measures were working.

In the United States, there are nearly 400,000 cases and more than 12,000 deaths. On April 2, nearly 10 million Americans had filed for unemployment benefits.


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