Trump reverses, says it is “too early” for Georgia to open


Stopping the virus will likely make the NFL draft the biggest ever

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – For those who aren’t familiar with Belarusian football or Russian table tennis odds, this week’s NFL draft gives American players their first opportunity in weeks to bet on an event they really know Something.

With the major sports closed for more than a month due to the coronavirus epidemic, sports betting in the United States says it expects the annual draft to be the biggest bet.

Desperate to offer a familiar event, online sports betting says they are seeing a much larger volume of bets on the project this year.

Several sports bets have estimated that the gaming industry as a whole could see $ 5 million bet on the project in the United States this year; FOX Bet estimated the market at $ 20 million, compared to a typical draw of around $ 1 million.

Vegas workers push back after call to reopen casinos and hotels

After Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman on Wednesday called for the rapid reopening of hotels and casinos, many of those who make a living at such establishments said they were afraid to return unless action was taken. Strict security is only introduced for themselves and their guests.

Although Goodman said companies should reopen, it did not provide guidelines on how to manage social distance and other security measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“I want us to open in the city of Las Vegas so our people can go back to work,” said Goodman in an interview with CNN. He was asked how this could be accomplished while prioritizing employee safety by implementing social distancing.

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