Trump News Live: Latest update on coronaviruses as President raises threat of war with Iran


Governor of Michigan: Trump’s “inconsistent messages” put Americans “in great danger”The president said yesterday that the states would be reopened with “immense passion”, despite numerous criticisms of the governors of Georgia, Texas and Tennessee for planning to do it in a hurry.

Their Michigan counterpart, Gretchen Whitmer, said on Tuesday that Trump’s plan to end immigration was just the latest example of his “inconsistent messages” on the pandemic, which she said sowed the seeds of scared and put the public in “greatest danger”.

Here she is talking to Anderson Cooper last night:

Trump’s immigration freeze statements are “scary” for immigrants, family members hoping to immigrate to the United States, farmers who depend on seasonal migrant workers, and Canadian nurses working in Michigan, said the Democratic Governor in an interview with the Associated Press.

“These big statements that come out, I think, are so problematic and go against what we need more than anything right now – which are based on scientifically proven facts, best practices and an optimistic view of our leadership and the effort to make it a reality, “said Whitmer, who said that the focus should be on making swabs for testing. “This is what we need right now – no new things to upset, fear or get angry about. “

She said she was concerned that Trump’s daily TV briefings would make matters worse.

“I think the night briefing gave a lot of conflicting messages to the public – messages that put people at greater risk,” she said.

The governor’s comments from the first term were the latest in a series of criticisms she addressed to the president and his management of the virus epidemic. Her high-profile conflicts with Trump have placed her at the center of the states’ struggle with the federal government for equipment and testing – and have helped raise her political profile.

Whitmer, who is reportedly a vice-presidential candidate, told AP that she had not been invited by presumed Democratic candidate Joe Biden to participate in any screening for the role. “Of course, I would give whatever they asked for,” she said. “But I’m not auditioning for a job different from the one I currently have. “

Whitmer insisted that she is now focused on dealing with the crisis that devastated her state’s economy and killed 2,700 people. She said Michigan, along with other states, was struggling to perform enough tests and urged Trump to use all of his powers to force manufacturers to produce more test pads. She spoke as some Republican governors began the process of reopening the economy without waiting for further tests, measures that give her “a big break”.

“I know that we will have to be really methodical and based on the data on the sectors of our economy in which we are engaging when it is a slow start. Our biggest concern, of course, is a second wave, “said Whitmer, who could ease his order to stay home starting May 1. “The worst thing would be for us to explode football and think we are outside the danger zone, and then re-engage and find another peak of Covid-19.” “


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