Trump detonates former Navy captain Brett Crozier and agrees to overthrow


President Trump has offered a lightning denunciation from former Navy captain Brett Crozier, who commanded the USS Theodore Roosevelt during a coronavirus outbreak on board the ship and was recently removed from office.

Trump cited the captain’s actions, including a letter he sent to the Navy requesting that he allow his ship to make an emergency landing at Guam so that the sailors could receive treatment. The Navy only authorized it after the letter was also released to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“He wrote a letter. A five-page letter from a captain. And the letter was everywhere. It’s not appropriate, I don’t think it is appropriate, “said Trump during his daily press conference on COVID-19.

“It looked terrible what he did. Write a letter. I mean it’s not a literature class. He’s the captain of a huge ship … he shouldn’t say it that way in a letter. “

The president also berated Crozier for allowing the ship to stop in Vietnam as the epidemic spread around the world and said he was “100 percent” in agreement with the Navy’s decision to chase him away.

Earlier this week, a video of Crozier leaving the ship while his teammate cheered behind him went viral, promoting a question for Trump at the briefing, which otherwise focused on administration efforts to mitigate the deadly pandemic in the United States.


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